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This function lists all the conflicts among fastverse packages and between fastverse packages and other attached packages. It can also be used to check conflicts for any other attached packages.


fastverse_conflicts(pkg = fastverse_packages())



character. A vector of packages to check conflicts for. The default is all fastverse packages.


An object of class 'fastverse_conflicts': A named list of character vectors where the names are the conflicted objects, and the content are the names of the package namespaces containing the object, in the order they appear on the search path.


There are 3 internal conflicts in the core fastverse which are not displayed by fastverse_conflicts():

  • collapse::funique and collapse::fdupliacted mask kit::funique and kit::fduplicated. If both packages are detached, collapse is attached after kit. In general, the collapse versions are faster and a bit more versatile. The kit versions are also very fast and additionally supports matrices!

  • collapse::fdroplevels masks data.table::fdroplevels. The former is faster and supports arbitrary data structures, whereas the latter has options to exclude certain levels from being dropped.

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# Check conflicts between fastverse packages and all attached packages

# Check conflicts among all attached packages
fastverse_conflicts(rm_stub(search()[-1], "package:"))
#> -- Conflicts ------------------------------------------ fastverse_conflicts() --
#> x methods::body<-()    masks base::body<-()
#> x methods::kronecker() masks base::kronecker()