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Detaches (fastverse) packages, removing them from the search path.


  unload = FALSE,
  force = FALSE,
  include.self = TRUE,
  session = FALSE,
  permanent = FALSE



comma-separated package names, quoted or unquoted, or vectors of package names. If left empty, all packages returned by fastverse_packages are detached.


logical. TRUE also unloads the packages using detach(name, unload = TRUE).


logical. should a fastverse package be detached / unloaded even though other attached packages depend on it?


logical. TRUE also includes the fastverse package - only applicable if ... is left empty.


logical. TRUE also removes the packages from options("fastverse.extend"), so they will not be attached again with library(fastverse) in the current session. If ... is left empty and include.self = TRUE, this will clear all fastverse options set for the session.


logical. if ... are used to detach certain packages, permament = TRUE will disable them being loaded the next time the fastverse is loaded. This is implemented via a config file saved to the package directory. Core fastverse packages can also be detached in this way. To add a package again use extend_fastverse(..., permanent = TRUE). The config file can be removed with fastverse_reset.


fastverse_detach returns NULL invisibly.