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This function (by default) checks if any fastverse package is missing and installs the missing package(s). The development versions of fastverse packages can also be installed from r-universe. The link to the repository is contained in the .fastverse_repos macro.


  only.missing = TRUE,
  install = TRUE,
  repos = getOption("repos")



comma-separated package names, quoted or unquoted, or vectors of package names. If left empty, all packages returned by fastverse_packages are checked.


logical. TRUE only installs packages that are unavailable. FALSE installs all packages, even if they are available.


logical. TRUE will proceed to install packages, whereas FALSE (recommended) will print the installation command asking you to run it in a clean R session.


character vector. Base URL(s) of the repositories to use, e.g., the URL of a CRAN mirror such as "". The macro .fastverse_repos contains the URL of the fastverse r-universe server to check/install the development version of packages.


fastverse_install returns NULL invisibly.


There is also the possibility to set options(fastverse.install = TRUE) before library(fastverse), which will call fastverse_install() before loading any packages to make sure all packages are available. If you are using a .fastverse configuration file inside a project (see vignette), you can also place _opt_fastverse.install = TRUE before the list of packages in that file.